Launching at the Frankfurt Book Fair

See Slicebooks at the Frankfurt Book FairWe just launched our new beta edition of Slicebooks and are demoing it at the Frankfurt Book Fair for the next 5 days.  This event expects about 240,000 visitors (!) to pass through.  There are 8 different  large and spread out halls for visitors to navigate, and fortunately there are shuttle buses and a well placed train station near Hall 8 where our booth sits in the Digital Innovation Hot Spot. Tomorrow we present on the Hot Spot stage. If last year is any indication we expect to have a crowd of curious publishers from around the world stopping by.

We have found that the pace of the digital publishing revolution varies country to country. Publishers face a sometimes overwhelming number of choices as they scramble to plan a digital strategy for the short and long term and are often looking for just the easy, quick and common sense solution that Slicebooks presents.

You only have to wander a few of these huge halls to get a sense of the many millions of non-fiction books that are out there in the world. We often make the point that, just as consumers have been able to grab a slice of music for years and create their own playlists, they ought to be able to grab a slice out of any one of those millions of books  with a couple of clicks. The new Slicebooks, which is free for publishers to try, makes it easy as bangers and mash (yes, we are working from an Irish pub tonight) for publishers to slice and remix their entire catalogs in no time at all. We’ll be showing them how really easy it is all week.

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