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New white label store in Spain is world’s first first “whole or sliced” short story store

logo3When we first built Slicebooks and talked about the value of repurposing content by chunking books into sellable chapters, publishers and other people would sometimes ask, why would we want to buy a slice fiction? Well, as a rule you likely wouldn’t want to buy just a chapter of a novel. Unless the publisher wisely chose to offer sample chapters, or the author  wanted to experiment with serializing the book over a period of time as Stephen King and other authors sometimes done. Then chunking makes sense.

But short story collections are another story. It always made sense to us to give readers the opportunity to pick and choose what stories they want from a given collection, and to curate their own collection if they wish. Seems a natural.

RelatosRevueltos screenThat’s why we’re so thrilled to partner with Páginas de Espuma in Spain to build “RelatosRevueltos”, the first short-story store to take advantage of the Slicebooks platform. Now fans of Spanish language short stories can browse and grab just the stories they want, or use our ebook curator to mix and match stories and create their own collection. Pretty cool.

Here’s the press release. Money quote:

“We always wanted to allow our readers to create their own short story anthologies mixing their preferred short stories from different books and authors, but it was impossible to do it in print. Nowadays in the digital age, and thanks to Slicebooks remix technology, we can offer this innovative service to our readers,” said Juan Casamayor, Publisher of Páginas de Espuma.

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