News and tweets about the Ingram investment means no fishing

This week we were thrilled to announce that ICG Ventures Inc., an Ingram Content Group company, has made a seed investment in Slicebooks. Here’s the press release with all the details. There’s been a lot of publishers and other industry folk tweeting about it, and quite a few press mentions as well, like in Publisher’s Weekly and Book Business Magazine.

In addition to the investment, we announced that publishers who are integrated with Ingram’s CoreSource platform now have the option to have Ingram transfer their files to Slicebooks and it will be done automatically. And that has caused an immediate deluge of interest in our platform from publishers all over the globe.

All of this is great for Slicebooks of course. But working through all these publisher inquiries almost certainly means postponing any notions I had of escaping for a few hours of fly fishing this weekend.

Oh the price we pay. Tell the cutthroats they are safe for another week.





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