Press Release: Slicebooks Secures Seed Funding From Ingram

This has generated quite a lot of buzz for us in the publishing world. See the complete press release here.

Here’s a snippet:

July 31, 2013

Denver, CO

Slicebooks, an innovative startup by EarlyAccess with a publishing platform for slicing & remixing content, an iTunes-style retail platform and the world’s first eBook Remix Widget, announced today that it has raised a round of seed funding from ICG Ventures Inc., an Ingram Content Group company.

“In addition to receiving this seed funding from Ingram, any publisher that has integrated with Ingram Content Group’s CoreSource® digital asset management platform has the option to have their files delivered to us for slicing,” said Slicebooks CEO Jill Tomich. “It’s easy for any publisher to upload content for slicing, but those publishers who have their content on the CoreSource platform can simply request files be sent to Slicebooks. It is a seamless process. Over 90 publishers to date have already signed up to use Slicebooks.”


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