Slicebooks at BEA 2012

Just finished the 3 day Book Expo America (BEA) event, where we demoed Slicebooks for hundreds of publishers, authors and others interested in the potential of digital content.

We found that, after viewing our 5 minute demo, educators and those in academic publishing, health and medical publishers, small and medium innovative publishers, teachers, trainers – these groups jumped for joy at the possibilities Slicebooks offers them.

On the other hand, some of the biggest NY publishers remain cautious, non committal, sometimes aloof, even afraid of the notion of repurposing their content in this way. I will post a longer article about this later, but it is curious that those with the largest content backlists, who stand to gain the most by giving customers easy, searchable access to their content on a micro level,  remain unconvinced. Many reasons for this, but from a consumer point of view it remains frustrating. I asked the head of digital content from one major publisher how I could easily obtain a chapter from any one of their many thousands of backlist titles. She said she really does not know, and that it would probably take some time.



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