Slicebooks at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Interview with international journalists at Frankfurt Book Fair
International journalists ask questions about Slicebooks at the Frankfurt Book Fair

In October we demonstrated an alpha version of Slicebooks for the first time at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

We started the show on the Sparks Stage  showing Slicebooks on the big screen to a standing-room only crowd. we spent the next 5 days at the eBookPie booth showing publishers, distributors, journalists and authors how quickly they can slice and remix content, edit and export metadata and all the other new digital publishing tools Slicebooks puts at their fingertips.

After so many months of development, it was great to finally unveil Slicebooks to the world and receive so much great feedback. It was great confirmation to see how quickly publishers  understood how Slicebooks could immediately help them accelerate their digital publishing programs. A large publisher from North Carolina has the best comment of the week, saying after she sat through the Slicebooks demo, “I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!”

Slicebooks booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair
Jill demonstrates Slicebooks to publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Now we have to go back, take all that feedback and get Slicebooks ready for beta launch in January. There is still a lot of work to do, but knowing we have a world full of publishers interested in Slicebooks sure helps keep us moving.

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