The ebook remix beat goes on – Slicebooks at BEA 2013

Slicebooks ebook remix widget at BEA 2013At BEA 2013 there were all sorts of stars and celebrities around talking about their books. Jim Carrey, Amy Tan, Robbie Robertson, Jim Gafigan, Kareem Abdul Jabbar… the list goes on.

We saw none of them. Our own star, the eBook Remix Widget, which lets consumers remix their own custom ebooks, kept us too busy.

Slicebooks Booth at BEA 2013 in New York

While last year it was just Jill and I at the booth trying to manage all the demo requests, this year we brought 3 more members of the Slicebooks team to help, and good we did. Between demos, various sales appointments and interview requests from various media organizations like Wired, the Wall Street Journal, AP Radio and Xinhua Media, we were all running full speed. Publishers and distributors from the US, Europe, Canada, Latin America and Asia all lined up see Slicebooks in action, and particularly the new Remix Widget.

Any startup that decides to launch not just a new technology but a new and disruptive approach to an established way of doing things must have patience. Sometimes industry digestion can take a while.

Judging from the number of publishers and distributors signing up to use Slicebooks and wanting to adopt our new remix widget, it feels like digestion by publishers and distributors is proceeding even faster than we’d hoped. Publishers are now increasingly agreeing with what we have long been saying – ¬†slicing available content and making books available whole, sliced and remixable by customers is a no brainer.

Slicebooks interview with China's Xinhua Media
An interview with China’s Xinhua Media


 Creative Spaces Inbetween and Slicebooks
Meeting with Danish publisher Creative Spaces, who recently sliced their book, “Creative Spaces Inbetween”




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