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White label the most innovative content store

We believe our white label digital content stores offer the most innovative solution on the market for publishers and other content creators wanting to launch their own branded stores. The combination of unique features and affordability simply can’t be beat.  It’s the only store where customers can buy content by the chapter or article, or curate their own custom ebooks. And store owners can take advantage of the advanced features in the Slicebooks CMS to create multimedia ebooks and launch unlimited StoreApps, which are embeddable custom store widgets that can be put on any site to target niche audiences.

It’s an unbeatable package. Here are some examples of white label stores we’ve launched this year:


Rowman & Littlefield Journals store

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers wanted to revitalize and digitize their journals program and chose Slicebooks. This store features journals by the issue or article, and a digital subscription module that lets institutions and libraries sign up for annual digital subscriptions.


Minha Biblioteca, a consortium of the leading higher ed publishers in Brazil, wanted a store that would let professors create custom course packs and allow students purchase content by the textbook or chapter.  Our white label store has both features already built-in!  We localized it in Brazilian Portuguese and it is now in a soft-launch phase.


Páginas de Espuma, based in Spain, is one of the leading publishers of short stories in Spain and Latin America. Here’s the money quote from the publisher:

“We always wanted to allow our readers to create their own short story anthologies mixing their preferred short stories from different books and authors, but it was impossible to do it in print. Nowadays in the digital age, and thanks to Slicebooks remix technology, we can offer this innovative service to our readers,” said Juan Casamayor, Publishers of Páginas de Espuma.

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